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Why Arjuna award?

Quora Question : Is it true that we have an ‘Arjuna Award’ for the best runner because Arjuna was the best runner of the Mahabharata?

Oh yes. It is true!

You guessed it right. Arjuna was the best runner of Mahabharata. Didn’t you know —

  • He ran extremely fast to save his guru Drona from a crocodile. His running saved his guru from the death and he got Brahmshira weapons as an award.
  • He ran fast to save evil Duryodhana, his brothers and family from Gandharvas when his best friend was running out of stadium?
  • He again ran towards a bunch of Hastinapur thieves who were stealing Cattles from Matasya and defeated six great warriors of the time single handedly.
  • He again ran to Dwarka at the news of Krishna’s mahaprashthana. He ran towards the robber without any protection of divine weapon and fought to protect dwarka women, who were not his direct responsibility.

But do you know,

Only those runners are awarded Arjuna medal, who run towards victory, not those who run away.

By the way you would be surprised to know that Aruna award is not given only for running but also for best archerary, because you guessed it — Arjuna was also the best archer.

In fact, Arjuna award for the champions (runners, archers, cricketers,…) —

  • who work hard to strive the goal
  • who do not take shortcuts and cheat to win.
  • who make their country proud of their efforts.

So I guess, you are right. There is a great reason why we have the Arjuna Award for champions. Arjuna was the right motivation.

My answer is based on the story of Mahabharat, the Great Indian Epic. My answer refers to —

  • The English translation by Kisari Mohan Ganguli (KMG)
  • Bibek Debroy translation of BORI edition
  • Neelkanth Edition of Mahabharat (Geeta Press) Sanskrit-Hindi.
  • Mahabharat adaptation by Shri Rajgopalachari based on Dakshinayat.
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