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If God teaches us to live with peace, then why did he lead the Mahabharata war?

This is an interesting question, and the defining clause here is ‘if’.

Let us start with two simple questions first.

  1. Why God created Tiger and Deer?

If he wanted peace, why did he create a tiger? Was he unaware that tiger would eat up deer? Why did he give canine to a Tiger? Couldn’t he have made every animal herbivore? Wouldn’t that be a grand idea of the most perfect world? But God didn’t create that world of peace. Why?

It so happens that if every animal would be herbivore soon, there would be no plants on earth, and without plants, there would be no animal left. The existence would perish. Tigers and deers represent the balance, without which the universe can’t survive.

2. If God is really compassionate, why did he invent death?

Well I believe, you might have guessed the answer. Let me give you a hint — with evolution of medical system and increased longevity world is suffering a crisis called ______________?

If God cares, why many people die violently in accidents and otherwise even without war?

I would say, because God is compassionate, he invented death. Imagine, if there would be no death, the planet would have died thousands of years ago.

So what is the take away?

The keyword that sustains universe is balance, not peace.

Having realized this, let us understand, The current question limits the spread of God. God is almighty and all prevailing and nothing, I repeat nothing, is beyond him. He isn’t just a messenger of peace. He is the existence. He ensures the balance.

The greatness of God lies in what he doesn’t do.

Sanatan wisdom has two key difference between understanding of God, compared to other more recent religions —

  1. God has no parallel. Many religions believe there is a Saitan, who controls evil we do and there is a God for the good we do. That makes Saitan a power competing with God. But we recognize no power parallel or equal to God. So no saitan controls the evil we do. Does that mean God makes us do even the evil things? That brings the second point.
  2. God doesn’t control good or evil we do. Not that he can’t control, he simply doesn’t. The Good and evil that men do are controlled by their gunas — Sato, Rajo and Tamas. And a balance of these three elements define who you are. The greatness of God lies in the fact that he created auto-implementing laws like the law of gravitation. When you jump you fall. He doesn’t make you fall. Similarly, you act based on your guanas and you get awarded based on what you do. God doesn’t decide for you good or evil. The Law of the nature (God) is to maintain balance, not peace.

God doesn’t make you do good or evil deeds. He doesn’t interfere. You are controlled by your gunas — if you balance them, you are good, else evil.

Your deeds get awarded by well defined law of nature.

The (Mahabharata) War

Should we shy away from a war with Pakistan when they attack us? Would that be a Godly act or cowardly act? Should we have let Kasabs of the world kill innocent people at Taj? Should 26/11 and 9/11 be ignored?

The question assumes that the war is bad and anti-God. Most certainly, the seeker of answer hasn’t understood the God’s phiolosphy or read Bhagwat Geeta. God doesn’t seek peace and doesn’t oppose war. In fact, he does nothing interefere in our day-to-day activity.

We created the doctrine of peace and war. And God doesn’t bother to interfere as long as a balance is maintained. When that balance is in danger, thats the time when he incarnates to set order in chaos. That chaos was brought to order when Narshimha manifested from a pillar and when Parshuram, waved his Parshu demolishing erring warrior for twenty-one times over or when Rama slayed Ravana.

The compassion of God (Rama) is not in not slaying Ravana, it is not inhaliating entire Lanka after he had won the war. All these instances proves, God is not adverse to war or blindly favour peace. And the most important reason is war and peace are not antonyms, they are complementary and that is why there goes the saying —

If you want peace, prepare for war.

Krishna prepared for war before he tried for peace. And, when the peace failed and Arjuna was stuck in the same human ideology of peace, Krishna explained Gita…

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