The Mahabharata

Mahabharata is the greatest epic known in entire humanity. Based on the incidents leading to the mega apocalyptic war over five thousand years ago. The war that announced the end of an era and can truely be termed as the first world-war in the history of humanity — A world-war between the then civilizations. This mega-epic has many larger-than-life characters, mega events, and a grand war — everything that makes it an unparallel epic. There are an array of larger-than-life characters — heros and villians, exaggarated and side-lined, incarnations and imaginations — many deserving an entire epic woven around them. And it has happened already — novels, movies, tv-shows, fan-club and fan-wars.

Whether you want to consider it a pre-historic era, that it was, or a grand story, either way, neither any historical incident nor any fictional retelling has garnered so much interest for such a long period spanning several centuries as this mega-epic.

It would not be wrong to call Mahabharata, the birthplace of the concept of spin-offs.

Price we pay

While those innumerable re-tellings (including The Accursed God by me), tv-shows, fan-clubs and fan-wars are testimony to its charm and popularity, it also has a serious side effects — distortions, interpolations, re-interpretations and further distortions — it is a surprise the epic survived all those attacks.

While I will not repeat the origin and expansion of the mega epic from shruti-smriti tradition to its endless journey leading to the critical-edition and beyond, I must emphasize that it has gathered so much dust and fables that what now we have is The Lost Epic.

Here we would try to construct the epic based on the study of the authentic and reliable reference materials. sources such as ancient Neelakantha edition and BORI CE.

Here are the important Sections

Our Promise

All articles and analysis of Mahabharata you find on this site would be based on the authentic and reliable references and keeping the spirit of the epic intact.

We would be biased in favour of Dharma and against Adharama same way as Shri Krishna was, Shiva was and the epic is.

We would not be providing selective references to distort the facts and spirit of Mahabharata.