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Mahabharata is the largest epic tale ever narrated in any language or civilization. It is based on an incident that occurred over five-thousand years ago. The clash of kingdoms, that led to the first-ever world-war in the known civilization was much more than a struggle for dominance — It was transition of an era, known as Yuga in Sanatan Indian culture.

The wonder heroics of the era is incomparable till the modern time, and that is why creative writers keep adding fresh perspective and narration to one of the oldest chapters of the world history. While each addition is an endorsement to the fact that the epic tale continues to mesmerise the masses and has not lost its shine, they also keep polluting the epic to such an extent that it becomes difficult to segregate fables from the original authentic tale.

The five-thousand years old tale that was passed verbally for thousand years have several variations in its retelling across the languages and globe. To add more myths and fables and we have — The Lost Epic.

While our fiction series The Lost Epic is trying to understand the epic from a unique perspective, The Mahabharata Project is an attempt to de-mtyhify the epic by providing valid references for the interpolations added to the original epic.

You should start by checking out our discussion on Shruti-Smriti tradition and Mahabhrata — an endless journey and then proceed to other articles. You may also have a look at our references section for the list of our sources.

Tradition of Shruit and Smriti

Mahabharata — The beginning of an endless journey

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